Access via a standard phone (ie: landline):

Connecting to the meeting

  • Call either of these two numbers (long distance phone charges may apply): 
    • ​(408) 638 0968
    • (646) 558 8656
  • When prompted enter the meeting number:  617-806-1489

​​​First Church of Christ, Scientist,

​Bainbridge Island

Access information for Sunday and Wednesday services

7-Apr-20 - Zoom now requires we use a password when accessing our services either via a web browser,  Zoom app or by telephone. The meeting ID remains the same for either access method

  • Click on this link to connect to meeting via the web browser
  • From the Zoom app enter this meeting ID: 617-806-1489
  • Password for web or Zoom app access is: GodisLove
  • Telephone access number: (408) 638 0968 or (646) 558 8656
    • When prompted enter the meeting ID: 617-806-1489
    • If prompted no need to enter a participant ID
    • When prompted enter this numeric password for telephone access: 826861


-Technology Committee​​​

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